Every generation has at least one event that they carry with them for their entire lives. For some it is something inspiring like walking on the Moon. For my generation it was seeing the first genetically engineered soldiers taking the battlefield. That was two years ago, and things have only gone down hill since then.

They took the field without the usual battle armor of the modern soldier, showing off the unique skin traits. Their skin sparkled in the morning the light, like it had been dusted with light coating of gem dust. Despite this, their skin wasn’t rock hard, though it was harder that a normal human’s. They were tall, and lithe – having what some would describe as a swimmer’s physice.

They excelled over humans in almost every way. They were stronger, and faster. They healed quicker. They were even more intelligent than the average human. They were designed to be the best soldiers though, so this also meant that they had little in the way of independent thought, putting the survival of the unit over themselves constantly.

Terrorists, that’s another stand out of my generation. Though various groups had been active across the world for the last couple of decades, ever since September 11th, 2001 they had become more brazen. There were attacks almost every week in the less civilized parts of the world, and even the more civilized areas saw fairly regular attacks.

It was late in March 2010 when a group of fundamentalists took control of the Romanian European Union headquarters. The Romanian government used this event as an excuse to show off their secret weapon, a squad of twelve genetically engineered super soldiers. They had been developed in secret over fifteen years earlier, and had under gone extensive military training.

With their training, and their exceptional natural abilities, they made quick work of the terrorists. Though out numbered three to one, they had eliminated all of the terrorists, without any civilian casualties, in less than ten minutes.

The scene of the soldiers escorting the government workers out of the building was broadcast live by every news organization the world over, and just like that everything in our world changed in an instant. If a small European nation like Romania could field a squad of genetically engineered soldiers, what could a country like the United States, Russia, or China put on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, we would all know the answer to that question soon enough.