They moved through the smoking ruins of what used to be an average American suburb. It was a small group, maybe fifteen in total, of survivors. Some of them carried personal weapons, shotguns and hunting rifles mainly, but most were unarmed, carrying little besides the clothes on their backs. As they neared a house that was still more or less intact two of the armed men broke off from the group to explore it. They were checking for other survivors of course, but were also checking for food, water, and any other useful supplies.

The sharp blast of a whistle brought the group to a halt, looking over their shoulders towards the house the two explorers had entered.

“We’ve got a couple of live ones in here,” the larger of the two shouted down to the group, “one of them is in pretty bad shape though.”

Two more people split off from the group and headed towards the house. One, a young woman, was wearing the dirty remnants of an EMT uniform, and carried a satchel strapped across her back.

“What do we have Mark?” the young woman asked.

“Male, early twenties with some pretty bad stab wounds.” Mark told her, his face expressionless, “Female, about twenty, she’s been beat up something awful, but otherwise seems to be ok.”

“Sounds like looters got to them, show me where they are.” the young woman said in a tone full of weariness, and maybe a little contempt for those that would do this to their fellow humans.

“Sure Lisa.” Mark replied, heading back into the house.

Mark quickly lead them through the small house to the bedroom where the injured couple were. They were both unconscious, she on the bed while he was propped up against the wall in a sitting position. They had obviously been here for a while, based on the dried blood the attack more than a few hours old. In fact with the amount of blood he had lost Lisa wasn’t sure how the man was still alive.

Lisa went to work, first checking the vital signs of the young man. He was in fact still alive, though barely. A quick check of his injuries was all Lisa needed to see to know that she wouldn’t be able to save him. After that she moved on to the girl. Mark was correct about one thing, she had been beaten pretty badly. Several broken bones, maybe some internal bleeding, but with the right care should likely make a full recovery.