The small patrol of guards men worked their way through the city streets with a well practiced sweeping grid pattern. They encountered the occasional group of looters and other malcontents, but they would run from the well armed soldiers almost every time.

Though they had been briefed on the invaders by command they had yet to run into any of them. According to brass it was a mix of alien creatures straight out of a bad science fiction movie. They were armed with advanced weapons and armor, meaning that the standing order was to avoid engagement at all costs. That was reserved for the special forces fire squads brought in from out of state.

Several cities had been attacked, but for whatever reason the invaders had picked this place as their “staging ground”. Several large contingents of troops had been seen setting up camps around the city via satellite. The satellites didn’t last long though, the aliens used some type of laser weapon to knock out all of them moving through the sky above the doomed city. This turned into a weapon against the city too as the remains rained down several hours later causing serious damage where ever they landed.

Next on their list of targets was the local airport. According to the reports they sent several hundred troops to take control early that first morning. They had destroyed most of the planes on the ground, and several that where in the process of landing or taking off. The same reports said that they had killed everyone there, some where around five hundred, including those on the planes. They spent the next two days moving the majority of their troops in before activating their energy shield. So far the military hadn’t found a way to break through the shield, though some theorized that even a small nuke would probably take it down. Thankfully no one was willing to test that theory with civilians so close to the target.

Once the shield was up around the airport they started sending out large groups of what was later identified as their shock troops to “pacify” the population. All the while more soldiers were arriving. With in a week they had control of more than half the city and had several battalions worth of troops on the ground.

Of course the government didn’t sit still during all of this. They activated the national guard immediately, but they were largely ineffective against the avanced weaponry of the invaders. The fact that they had spent the better part of the last decade fighting wars in other countries didn’t help matters any. By the time the first group of marines arrived on the scene, an amazing fourteen hours after the satellites were knocked out, the aliens already had several hundred troops on the ground at the airport. The marines attacked, hoping to overwhelm the invaders. They were wiped out almost to a man. The military tried to hit them from the air next. Two squadrons of our most advanced bombers, escorted by two squadrons of our most advanced fighters. The reports say that only three of the bombers and two of the fighters made it back alive.

That was when the special forces arrived. A platoon of genetically engineered super soldiers, armed with the most advanced experimental weapons (aside from themselves) that existed on the planet. The shield was already up at the airport so they attacked a group of the shock troopers on their way to attack city hall. It was our first victory against the aliens. The soldiers were out numbered almost three to one, and still came out of the fight without any fatalities, and only minor injuries.